700111-LP, 700112-LP & 700114-LP


ARCTIC SHOT LIQUOR DELIVERY SYSTEM Liquor Panel Can be configured to deliver to any draft tower, bar gun, or frozen beverage dispense system such as a margarita machine or any other frozen cocktail dispenser. Spec Sheet  Model No. 700111-1-LP Height 24″ Depth 8″ Width 13.5″ Ship weight 18 lbs Dry weight 16 lbs  Model No. […]

700112-LR & 700114-LR


ARCTIC SHOT LIQUOR DELIVERY SYSTEM Liquor Rack Liquor direct from the bottle for use in frozen beverage machines, cocktail dispensing, and bar gun dispensing of liquor. Spec Sheet  Model No. 700112-2-LR Height 36″ Depth 12.25″ Width 14″ Ship weight 30 lbs Dry weight 26 lbs    Model No. 700114-2-LR Height 36″ Depth 12.25″ Width 26″ […]



ARCTIC SHOT LIQUOR DISPENSE SYSTEM Liquor Dispense Chiller Thermoelectric chilling technology holds and dispenses spirits at 20°F Spec Sheet Input voltage 100 VAC to 240 VAC / 60hz / 60 watts Refrigeration ampacity 1.2 Height 8.25″ Depth 10″ Width 8.25″ Ship weight 10 lbs Dry weight 7 lbs Liquid capacity 75 mL More Products Product […]